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We would still be stuck doing 45 content in BnS

I wouldn't be posting on complaining if i didn't enjoy the game and wanted to keep playing the game. I'll have you know I've bought about 30000 ncoin as well as purchased about 15000 hongmoon coin in the currency exchange. I'm not complaining about how hard venture tokens are to get because I want FREE STUFF, I am complaining because it is clear greed. It makes NO SENSE. For 40/40 dailes worth of BNS Gold you can but maybe around 1000-1200 hongmoon coin. Yet you would be EXTREMELY lucky to…


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The main story line to enter BNS Silverfrost Mountains

Since the Silverfrost patch, it is unrealistic for level 45 to run E Fleet, NSH and such, because most people there are level 50s trying to solo themselves (assuming if you actually see other people in there). So what I did was leveling to 50 then go back to them like everyone else.

The main story line to enter Silverfrost Mountains actually starts in Mushin Tower, but not doing the floor by floor challenges. The quest is to duel Mushin, which requires you to have a good enough…


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NCsoft could even promote this method

I see many posts about bots, what u need to do? Find good clan, set the best time for dailies and go to xdungeons with a clan, or if u have few friends and geared go in to dungeons with few friends. If u'll do that then bots gonna get critical strike, because they won't be able to leech. Arena bots? Enjoy free win, don't let them win thats all, they will get like 20beans per match oh wow damn so much Blade And Soul Gold... if…


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Blade & Soul: the true difficultly of the PvE content

I don't what your point is? Saying I don't know what the true difficultly of the PvE content was before we got over geared, and had slightly nerfed versions of it? You're damn right I don't know.

The thing is, if we keep getting nerfed content all the way up to the new dungeon that came out, I'll agree with you. Let's be honest need Cheap BNS Gold, people can't even iframe fucking Yeti freezes at the moment. As time goes by,…


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The current patch that we have in BnS beta

This doesn't necessarily apply to the current patch that we have in beta, but future assassin team synergy is pretty decent. Being the top dps aside with BNS Gold, some party perks are:

-smoke screen

a) party range immunity and heal for 10seconds

b) turn EVERYONE in the party within (3-4?m) into stealth for 10seconds and damage immunity for .5seconds


a) spec'd into dandelion gives all other party members…


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My brief summary of how to win against Blade & Soul FM

Open with insta stealth smoke bomb.

Harass with Throwing Mine, Throwing Dagger and Swiftstep.

If you land the Throwing Dagger plant a flower across the arena and go TeleDaze>Knockup>Aerial>Bodyslam>Harass. As soon as they do anything to you teleport to the flower.

Generally sit on the other side of the arena and just hang out. If they come at you use 2 or Q to get in stealth and keep harassing/running/poisoning. Wait for time to run out with…


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