I loved the part about dreaming out your perfect situation. For me this was imagining myself getting my books published. Being at book launches, sipping champagne and then coming home to my husband. We are living in the house we picked the plans out for and there is a roaring fire. We are cuddled Outsmart Insomnia Protocol up on the sofa in front of a warm fire. I am also giving seminars on happiness and how to achieve it and people are amazingly happy with what they are achieving with my help. I'm making a difference in the world.I also found it very helpful to go about my everybody as it really kicks in how we generalize and multiply our bad feelings by a million. Mine came down to one person who I really done have time for and who I was giving way too much importance too.

I laughed at myself while asking different parts of body what was up with them especially my stomach. I have an ulcer and in times of stress it can make me feel nothing but sick. I was amazed at the response. It told me, please don't call St. Canices, which I was worrying too much about something I had said to a friend and to let it go with my breath out. I Outsmart Insomnia Protocol did not even know that I was still thinking about this but my body obviously was. The sickness went away with that long breath out and has not returned. I sure as hell will be doing this again if the sickness comes back just I might not tell anyone!Making fear my ally was interesting as I had always thought the I was over paranoid when in fact it was my fear alerting me to situations that in plain site were not safe and I'm glad I have allowed myself to listen to my gut feeling.

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