Cole came to the holy city with the team, but will not come back to teach the third war

Warriors will be away tomorrow (click LOLGA) against the Spurs, ushered in the third game of the game. The warriors coach Steve Cole, who is currently recovering from the back injury, came to San Antonio, but that did not mean he would come back in the third war and came to the sidelines. Nevertheless, Cole is still doing his best to help the team.

"It's great to hear his voice," Warrior defender Clayton Thompson said. "His presence makes us calm down, and his words and deeds are great for us, and whether or not he is able to teach on the sidelines, we will work hard And he will help us as much as possible.He is a winner, and he has proved that he will always be with us.

"Everyone was excited to see Cole coming to San Antonio," said Warriors coach Mike Brown. "He has always attended our coaching session and has been training for several days in a row. He is our leader, our coach, he at any time we will feel great.

Warriors against the Spurs of the third war will be held in Beijing on May 21 start, while the Warriors currently match the current series to 2-0 leading spurs temporarily.

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