FIFA 16 Career Mode: Wishlist to improvements

1 – Opportunity to increase stadium size when going up in the league system and staying there for a while. (Example: Ipswich to Premier League and staying for 5 seasons then ask the board for increasing of stadium size)

2 - Choose my pre-season games and how many.

3 - Train my squad to improve their abilities, but this must be assigned to the assistant manager because it is boring to assign every freaking training session. But you can buy Fut 16 coins from coins sellers.

4 - Choose and upgrade my staff. Goalkeeper coach, medical staff, assistant manager etc.

5 - More press conference options, with cut scenes.

6 - Realistic schedule, realistic first season and possibilities to change fixture trough the board. The two day break between BPL fixture and champions league is stupid.

7 - Change kits and kit-sponsors after the first season is finished. (Get offers for sponsorship deals)

8 - New club owners. This will not be your choice, but the board can actually get better sponsors.

9 - Customize my manager. Make him more realistic for cut scenes.

10 - A bigger focus on new players from youth squads. (U21 squads and fixtures)

11 - Opportunity to get better wages as manager. I know we can’t do anything with the money, but it is stupid that I make 15000 pounds when I am winning champions cup, fa cup, league cup and BPL-(maybe make it possible to buy houses, cars etc. that can feature in cutscenes).

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